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Manufacturing capabilities:

The company owns two production lines: the first is a factory for assembling tractors with a capacity of 1,800 units per year, and the tractor production line works on assembling various horsepower from 25 to 220 horses, where the factory consists of four  (five) main production lines:

1-    chassis assembly station

2-    Machine assembly station and gearbox

3-    paint station

4-    decoration station

5-    Final examination and review station

The second production line is the agricultural equipment manufacturing line, with a production capacity of 2000 units per year, the factory consists of four main production lines:

1-    Packing and processing machinery station

2-    Final assembly station

3-    paint station

4-    Inspection station and final tests

The company owns a department that specializes in product research and development

Our products:

  • Tractors: from 25 to 220 HP
  • Agricultural equipment

Agricultural equipment:

The factory manufactures the following different agricultural equipment:

  • Primary preparation machinery (disc ploughs, chisel plows, breaker plows,  and anklets
  • Secondary preparation machinery (2 year cruisers, 4 year old cruisers, linkage and leakage machinery, channels and tables machineries
  • Fertilization machinery (aerial planters, mechanical planters, potato planters, broad disc planters, wheat and sesame planters (brushers), fertilization machinery - pesticides and fertilizer vectors.
  • Crop transport trailers.

Our Services:

  1. Servicing and after-sale services.
  2. Technical support and training.
  3. Technical consultancies (scientific papers).
  4. Networking and exchange of knowledge and experience through workshops and field days.
  5. Logistics and technical supply (spare parts).

Our Partners:

Our company has expanded networks of local and international partners in both public and private sectors including:

·       Federal Ministry of Agriculture

·       Ministry of Industry

·       The Sudanese Agricultural Bank  

·       The Sudanese Farmer’s Bank  

·       The Sudanese Sugar Company

·       The Arab Organization for Investment and Agricultural Development 

·       The National Centre for Agricultural Research

·       Zadna International Co.

·       Gezira Scheme

·       UNAMID

·       UNHCR

·       UNDP

·       World Vision Organization

·       JAICA (Japanese Agency for International Cooperation)