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Quality, Environment and Safety Policy:

The company's quality policy involves the following tasks and obligations:

  • Adopting and implementing the ISO quality system 9001:2015, 45001:2018, 14001:2015 as a basic guide to do all work in accordance with the vision and mission of the company.
  • Commitment to meeting the needs and expectations of customers, employees, owners, the community and other stakeholders.
  • Work to provide the necessary infrastructure, appropriate working conditions, continuous training and moral support for all employees of the company in order to raise efficiency, increase productivity and reduce costs.
  • Obligation to provide safe and healthy working conditions to prevent injury, ill health related to work, occupational safety and accidents. It also measures the effects of activities polluting the environment and deals with them in accordance with the legal and legislative requirements of the environment, occupational safety and health, and control of safety and environmental risks.
  • Manufacturing and assembling tractors and agricultural equipment compatible with the environment and of high quality in accordance with the technical specifications of the Sudanese Standards and Metrology Organization, laws, legislation and customer requirements, through continuous investment in workers and technology
  • Working on developing and consolidating the relationship between the company, customers, suppliers and other interested parties and creating an atmosphere of mutual trust to ensure continuity, commitment and future cooperation in order to maintain the distinguished position of the company and ensure the opening of new markets for the company locally and globally
  • The company's management is always committed to communicating, consulting and participating with the employees to carry out their duties in the best way to provide full guarantee that the company's products and services will achieve the highest levels of quality in compliance with ISO quality systems 45001:2018, 9001:2015, 14001:2015
  • The company's management and all its employees are committed to ensuring compliance with the quality, safety and environment policy by continuous improvement, definition, publication and distribution of the company's integrated system policy