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Giad Tractors & Agricultural Equipment is one of the largest national companies affiliated with Giad Group for Engineering Industries. The company was established in 2005 as a strategic choice to work in the field of agricultural mechanization by assembling and manufacturing tractors and agricultural equipment and their spare parts, as well as supporting producers and farmers through the provision of modern agricultural technologies that contribute to the progress of the agricultural sector within Sudan. So far the company has distinguished itself as manufacturer of quality products that meet all the needs of Sudanese agricultural sector using the latest production mechanisms as well as adopting comprehensive quality systems and standards in all production lines starting from raw material inspection and process inspection of various productivity and field tests before delivering the final finished product to customers.


Giad Tractor Products

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Vector 410

Grain harvester Vector 410 Universal grain header with increased table, hydraulic reel drive, reaping parts reverse controlled from cabin, reel speed synchronization with the harvester ground speed

Armatrac 120HP

Armatrac 120HP 4wd

Offset Disc 3 Discs



Armatrac 91 HP

Armatrac 904e 91 HP 4wd

Giad Arme Trac 752e

Giad Arme Trac 752e 75 HP

Armatrac 83 HP

Giad Arma Trac 852e 83 HP

Tractor Giad 285

Tractor Giad 285

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ISO 9001:2015

Quality, Environment and Safety Policy:

The company's quality policy involves the following tasks and obligations:

  • Adopting and implementing the ISO quality system 9001:2015, 45001:2018, 14001:2015 as a basic guide to do all work in accordance with the vision and mission of the company.
  • Commitment to meeting the needs and expectations of customers, employees, owners, the community and other stakeholders.
  • Work to provide the necessary infrastructure, appropriate working conditions, continuous training and moral support for all employees of the company in order to raise efficiency, increase productivity and reduce costs.
  • Obligation to provide safe and healthy working conditions to prevent injury, ill health related to work, occupational safety and accidents. It also measures the effects of activities polluting the environment and deals with them in accordance with the legal and legislative requirements of the environment, occupational safety and health, and control of safety and environmental risks.
  • Manufacturing and assembling tractors and agricultural equipment compatible with the environment and of high quality in accordance with the technical...
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Our Agents

18 Agents in States


Adel Abdel Rahim Al-Mutashi

Blue Nile

Abdelاalim Ahmed Mohamed

North Kordofan

Abdulbasit Mohamed Al-Marayud

Southern Kordofan

Daoud Abu Kalam

Testimonials about Giad Tractor

Giad Tractor and Agricultural Equipment Company is a pioneering and initiating company that has reached farmers in their areas and honored us by attending our projects and we are happy to deal with them.

Mohamed Kamal


We, as farmers in the Blue Nile State, are keen to continue dealing with Giad Tractors and Agricultural Equipment Company because it is a serious company and its products are excellent

Hassbo Adam

Farmer- Damazin City

Giad Tractors and Agricultural Equipments have very large potentials that could be a great addition to the sugar industry in Sudan, We are seeking a strategic partnership between Giad Tractors and the Sudanese Sugar Company.

ELrashid Issaq

Sudanese Sugar Co. Director


Federal Ministry of Agriculture




World Vision Organization

JAICA (Japanese Agency for International Cooperation)

Ministry of Industry

The Sudanese Agricultural Bank

The Sudanese Farmer’s Bank

The Sudanese Sugar Company

The Arab Organization for Investment and Agricultural Development

The National Centre for Agricultural Research

Zadna International Co.

Gezira Scheme


We at Giad Tractor are keen to develop and consolidate the relationship between the company, customers, suppliers and other interested parties and to create an atmosphere of mutual trust to ensure continuity, commitment and future cooperation in order to maintain the distinguished position of the company and to ensure the opening of new markets for the company locally and globally.
Meet our team

Modaser M. khair
General Director--
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Mohamed El-hassan
Production Manage--
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Mohamed Alfatih
Marketing Manager--
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M. Al-Tijani Osman
Supply Management Manager--
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